About ElmiSazan Pasargad

ElmiSazan Pasargad Company with the brand (KANGAROO) was established in 1389 with the aim of producing and supplying chemical raw materials and selling chemical and polymeric materials needed by downstream factories of domestic, oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Obtaining official representation From several reputable international companies concentrates its activities in the field of import, supply of special chemicals and polymers (Specialty Chemical & Polymers) and at the same time launches the sales base of chemicals and polymers at www. yeskangaroo.com For the first time in the country, has been able to take an important step in improving the supply chain management of raw materials, distribution and nutrition of production lines.

Sales of chemicals through cooperation with reputable European and Asian companies, international and domestic projects by experienced and experienced staff in the field of engineering and business, using up-to-date and standard methods for distribution and delivery of products throughout the country, with the aim of providing The best price and quality make this company’s services different from other suppliers.

Sale of chemicals and supply of raw materials:

1- Oil, gas and petrochemical industry (Bandar Imam petrochemicals, Kurdistan, Lorestan, Tabriz, Khorasan, Ilam, Ghaed Basir, Persepolis, Shazand, Isfahan, South Pars refinery complexes (phases 19, 20 and 21), Isfahan, Tehran, oil regions Rise south and).)

2- Downstream domestic industries (water and sewage, cement factories, mines, paints and resins, adhesives, cars, plastics, films and coatings, etc.)

3- Export (performing all export packages of chemicals) (… IBC, BAG, DRAM, JUMBO)

This collection is proud that by using its warehouses in some provincial centers such as Tehran, Isfahan and Mahshahr, it has provided the possibility of custom delivery of various chemical and polymer goods (more than 110 grades) for our dear customers in the fastest possible time. Is).